Justin Poliey


I’m Justin, a developer based in NYC. I work at Streamable, where anyone can instantly clip and share videos. I’m also a mentor-in-residence at Techstars NYC with a focus on engineering.

In the past, I was in charge of backend at i.TV on the tvtag platform, and before that I was director of backend engineering at GetGlue.


Stuff I wrote

Source-to-Source Compilation

Wonder how languages like CoffeeScript or HAML work? Here’s an introduction to source-to-source compilation, centered around writing a Brainfuck compiler in Python that emits C.

Make for Front-End Development

Make is an old tool, but not an irrelevant one. Here’s an introduction to make in setting of building a small web application.

Autocomplete Search with Redis

Write-up on how we built GetGlue’s Redis-powered autocomplete search, with example code.

Static Sites with make(1)

Easily generate static sites from Markdown files with tools that you probably already have installed. It’s how this site is maintained.

Some Projects

Redisent Owner

A tiny PHP client for the Redis network data structure server.

Taxon Owner

An in-process data store for working with tags and data for Python. Allows complex queries with and, or, and not operations. Both in-memory storage and persistence with Redis are bundled.

urp Owner

A command-line utility that can extract and modify URL features. It is for working with URLs in the shell in a structured way.

jarg Owner

A command-line utility that provides a shorthand syntax for writing formats like JSON and form encoding in the shell.